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Ways to make your rooms appear bigger than they are?

We all dream of living in big houses. When we were kids, we wanted to live in huge castles. When we were teenagers, we dreamed about living in huge mansions and being treated like royalty. When we’re adults, all we want is to live comfortably with space in our houses to raise a family in or to raise a little puppy. Either way, we want space. We want that large backyard, and those big bedrooms and that huge living room that can fit a reception of the wedding in. We want those modern looking houses that get featured on the covers of magazines. Most of the times, however, we don’t get what we want. But, it’s okay because you don’t need to have a big house to make your house look modern and spacious. All you need is to be a bit clever and you will have a house worthy to be featured in world-renowned magazines.

White and shades of white

So, the goal here is to make your rooms like bigger than they actually are. It’s easy and simple and it doesn’t require you to spend a lot of your money on useless things. The first thing you need to know is that white makes any room look bigger. There’s science behind that saying. Dark colours absorb light which in turn makes your rooms look smaller than they actually are. Light colours do the opposite. If you’re someone against white for some reason, there is no need to fret. Shades of white work too. If you’re someone stubborn and you definitely want to see your favouritecolour on the walls, use it with white.

Don’t forget to add mirrors

Another glorious thing that can help your rooms look bigger and make you look richer, is using mirrors. Mirrors are trendy and they also have that modern chic look. Hanging mirrors everywhere you can think of will make others think you’re incredibly vain, so the trick is to hang big mirrors with stylish frames on one wall of your room. Mirrors reflect light, both natural and manmade and will make your rooms brighter. Using mirrors is a trick most architects have used for centuries. There’s science behind this too. It fools you and your guests into thinking there is more space than there actually is by creating an illusion of depth. If you want the science behind this properly explained, go do a Google search. For now, hang those mirrors on your walls.

A lot less stuff

Rooms filled with things make them look smaller. This is a fact. So, if you want your room to appear spacious it’s time reorganize your furniture and de-clutter. Walk around your room and make a list of the things in that room that you do not actually use for anything. Take them out and keep them away from the room. Use multi-functional furniture so that they won’t take a lot of space. Choose furniture in the same colour as your walls. They will blend in and do their job. Make sure there is space between your furniture, in other words, space to walk, run and dance between your furniture. If you do all these things we listed, you will be the brand-new owner of a stylish and modern looking home.



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