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Different Pantry Ideas for Your Forever Home

Pantries add a homely and practical vibe to your home. It one of the most used and most important parts of a house. Therefore, when you plan your pantry, it is important to consider the idea that you would feel most comfortable with in a kitchen. Throughout time, there have been made different ideas that became very popular choices for pantries. Here are some of the most commonly seen ideas that you could get some inspiration from.

Traditional Pantry

These are those really comforting types of kitchens that you always associate with your grandparents’ house. It just exudes a warmth and a cosy sort of ambiance that holds a lot of allure. It usually has a lot of arches on the interior of the pantry and a lot of traditional features in the layout. Even if you are building a new home, look up classic kitchen designs Melbourne, and you will see that the traditional kitchen continues to be an idea that never goes out of style.

Compact, Apartment Pantry

Many of the modern living spaces today like apartments will not have enough space to support a massive full-length pantry. They must make do with the compact and limited space that they have. An apartment pantry is one that serves this purpose. Basically, what you are looking at is a plan that uses every single inch of space that is available in an innovative way while thinking of how intelligently you can save space. Some of the features that a small apartment kitchen will include are cabinets, a stove, ventilator and fridge. There is also a mandatory sink area. If there is any more space available they will look at a tiny counter or seating area but nothing more than that. If there is a counter, that could also be used to place the microwave as well.

The Straight Pantry

This is one layout that has never lacked popularity all around the world. The biggest reason behind this timeless charm is the fact that with its linear layout, this is probably one of the concepts that will work very well with just about any type of house. Next, it is also really easy to create the general layout of this pantry and no matter what it will not bring down or hinder the general appeal of the rest of the house. If you see a pantry that is lined up straight against a single wall that is called a straight pantry and one of its biggest charms is that it looks so prim and proper all the time.

The Island Pantry

Here as the name goes to show, the star of the placement is the island or the counter. This counter may or may not have anything to do with the utensils and the slab of the pantry. Having an island means you will have more options when it comes to where you can install cabinets and make seating arrangements but remember that you will need to have a lot of space for this project.

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