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Steps to Designing Your Bathroom

Similar to any other part of the house, the bathroom is an important place that needs to be given careful consideration during the designing process. Different bathrooms carry different designs. It is up to you to decide which type of design you would like to go with. The design can also depend on the overall theme of the house or it can be different to it. Whatever it is, don’t forget to do some research on the latest bathroom designs to make it look attractive and unique. Apart from the designing process, there are also a number of other factors you need to take into account when planning the bathroom. Below are some of these factors.

Wet Zone and Dry Zone

It is important that you divide your bathroom into a wet zone and dry zone. The wet zone is the area that is likely to get wet such as the bathtub and the shower, whereas the dry area would include the sink and the door. Make sure to keep a space between the wet zone and the dry zone when designing it. Make sure you have items such as a bathtub to control the water that may get from the wet zone to the dry zone. You can also have the toilet in the dry zone or in a separate room for more privacy.

A Theme

Similar to the rest of the house, you can consider a specific theme for your bathroom as well. There are a number of bathroom themes available to choose from nowadays. For example, vintage, French country, contemporary, royal, Victorian are some of the widely used themes. However, most people go for a contemporary theme as there are many modern bathroom equipment and furniture available for it. You can also decide whether your theme will match the theme of the rest of the house or whether it will stand out.


There are also a number of safety tips you should consider when designing your bathroom. One of the common accidents that take place in a bathroom is due to slippery floors. Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing the type of tiles you would have in your bathroom. In order to do this, you should avoid getting slippery tiles and rather choose matte tiles for the floors. Apart from that, you can consider waterproofing your bathroom through options such as bathroom waterproofing Yeppoon.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are essential and useful in any bathroom. For example, have a wide mirror near the sink. A bigger mirror makes the bathroom look more spacious. Also, adding shelves above the toilet and the sink is important for storage. Get a few woven baskets for bathroom items and place it where you think is convenient. You can also include a chair, a bench or a single sofa if there is space. Exclude furniture if your bathroom space is small which will only make it look crowded.

Thus, you can make your dream bathroom a reality by carefully paying attention to the above factors during the planning and designing process.

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