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The Quickest Way to Spruce up Your Home

Most of us tend to have very expensive tastes but more often than not our budget rarely ever matches with it. But while your bank balance may be dangerously low it does not mean that you can’t make the most of what you got and totally transform your space into one of ultimate glamour and indulgence. So here are a few cheap tricks that will help you turn any space into the most inviting spot:

Get Rid Of the Clutter

Let me ask you a question. When you imagine your perfect home, do you see a messy house that is cluttered and untidy? Or do you see a crisp and clean looking space that is super neat? I can almost guarantee that you thought of your perfect house as one that is tidy and it for that reason that all fancy homes are super clean, organized and minimalistic. Even bad placement of furniture can make the space look completely cluttered so it is best to think about your home floor plan and get furniture that fits your space. And clean up! A cleaner home is a nicer looking one. It costs you nothing except maybe a bit of your time and energy.

Get That Green

Do not be afraid to bring in some greenery into your home. Greenery just makes everything look just that much better. So if you can maintain plants, then I highly encourage you to have some in your home. Placing a tiny plant on your coffee table or next to your sofa will definitely make the space more luxurious.


Many people often forget to add a few key features to their space. The pieces you buy do not have to be expensive they just have to look stunning. And yes you can get beautiful pieces without breaking the bank, just check out the nearest flea market or yard sale because you will very likely find quite a few gems there without even trying. Get an accessory that is a stunning conversation starter and then you will be good to go. It does not just have to be antique pieces though. You can also accessorize with luxury throw rugs and cushions.

Paint It All

Choosing the correct paint can honestly make such a big difference in the way your home looks. Quite often houses tend to be drab, dark and shabby because the paint job is terrible. You can completely transform your space by getting a good paint colour that does not clash with the furniture or look too obnoxious. Natural shades are always best or just go with good old white. White is associated with the ‘colour’ of purity, it is super difficult to maintain white walls because they do not remain white for long and often have to be repainted. Hence why it is the colour the super-rich often use.

So now you know some simple tricks that can just elevate your home to a whole other dimension. So try out some or all of these simple tricks and you are sure to be a lot happier with your home.

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