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How To Design The Perfect Deck

The perfect deck will create a welcome, beautiful space for family members to have a good time outdoors. It needs to be planned according to your needs and there’s no time like the present to also be a little creative with your decorating! Here’s what you need to keep in mind when designing the perfect deck:


First and foremost your choice in materials will determine if your investments have been worth the money. If chosen right and maintained well, your deck can last for as long as 20 years! There are many types of materials considered when it comes to wood decks, but a rising contender is bamboo. Bamboo is becoming well known as an outdoors material for its incredible durability and with the right maintenance can be the perfect choice for you. Make sure to check out these bamboo floorboards in Geelong if you want to switch things up for the better.


Your deck will typically be installed according to your door. If your door is elevated- as will your deck. Lower decks won’t need guard rails and tend to look larger in comparison (perfect if you’re going for that encompassed look for outdoor parties) but watch out for the ground beneath that lower deck because it’s a breeding site for animals and worse- mold. Consider ventilation to prevent this from becoming an issue. For higher decks, you’ll need to invest in guardrails and of course the flight of stairs will be longer. You’ll want to go for this option if you have more of a view to show off surrounding your home. The space underneath can always be used for storage!


It may seem like an obvious step but your needs also play a role in how you want to design the perfect deck- do you want a private intricately designed veranda? Or perhaps a terraced oasis, if you were to think more boldly. And how about your more functional needs? Are you the type of family to host outdoor gatherings often? Then you would probably need a larger outdoor space, capable of enduring more foot traffic. And what about access? Do you have easy access from your patio to your kitchen? These are all things you need to consider when designing this space.


If you want to be able to host more traffic (more people) in your outdoor space then spacing deserves a little more thought. We’ve already established that lower decks don’t need guardrails but they could benefit from short rails or benches to guide guests. The interior of your space will, of course, need to have aisles for movement and you need to keep an eye out for obstructing or overly large furniture that doesn’t quite fit the space. If you have a longer flight of stairs, try and wrap them around the deck.

Keep these things in mind when designing your deck and it’s bound to come out perfectly! All the magic truly lies in the planning stage so pay attention to this the most.

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