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A Guide To Buying Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a relatively new concept to modern interior designing. However, over the past few years, this type of conceptual doors have been widely used in an array of modern homes which utilize this type of framing. The reason for such is because it really compliments other aspects of which a modern home would tend to have such as the minimalistic furniture and dim lighting. The manner in which it is fitted, just enough to give you a glimpse of your outdoor surroundings, is exactly why people tend to purchase bi-fold doors. However, you cannot simply just go to the store and purchase a bi-fold door. There are many things to consider before doing so.

Hiring A Professional

As stated before, you cannot simply just buy one of these doors. You’re bound to need professional help in doing so. Firstly, you’ll need to get a professional to come and measure the required areas to which you need a bi-fold door fixed. These professionals would usually arrive from the store that you intend on purchasing the door from. In addition to this, bi-fold doors aren’t your everyday DIY projects. They are extremely fragile and may easily fall apart if you fix them in the wrong. Therefore it is highly advisable to hire a professional to attach your bi-fold doors for you as well.


Another very important aspect of your bi-fold door which you will need to pay special attention to is the material in which you purchase your frame. This will largely depend on your specific requirements and budget. The most popular and efficient type of materiel used in the frames of bi-fold doors is aluminium. The reason for this is because aluminium doesn’t rust like regular steel and also isn’t vulnerable to pests such as termites. Thus owing to these features, this metal would be resistant to the elements and could be used for a period of time, given its relatively cheap price. However, if you’re looking for an even cheaper option, PVC would be a good choice as it requires less maintenance, but isn’t as strong as aluminium.


If you’re hoping to purchase a bi-fold door, you need to know exactly where to place it. This is something that you can do your own. Bi-fold doors should ideally be placed in an opening to a garden or even patio, instead of using it as the front door to your house. By attaching an external bifolds door in an area which leads to your garden, you would have a picturesque view from inside your home. The same could not be said if you attached facing your garage! Therefore you should always have an idea as to where you want to place your bi-fold door, before getting a professional to visit your home.

In conclusion, purchasing a bi-fold door could be a great addition to your home in terms of architecture. However, it is always advisable to do your research and follow these steps before you go ahead with your decision.

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