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Tips to Start Your Own Garden

Are you new to gardening and have no idea what to do first? Or are you planning to build your own garden at your new place and wondering where to start. Planning a garden can be difficult only if you don’t know the right tips of starting your own garden. Here are some ideas for you to use when you are starting your own garden.

Make Your Plan

Before you head out to your garden and start working, make a rough plan about what you are going to do. Think of what kind of plant you really want to include in the garden, what are the kinds of garden decorations you need, how to maintain it and what tools you will be needing and how to landscape the garden. Depending on the size of the garden you own you can decide how much of area you are going to use for crops and how much you can allocate for garden decorations.

Know Your Soil

Before you start planting you need to pay attention to the soil. You will be able to have a garden that is nutrient rich if the soil is well looked after and maintained; you will need to ensure that the soil is well-drained, weeded and loosened to be suitable for plant growth. You also need to know the type of soil in your area. Certain crops only grow best with only certain types of soils. Knowing the type of soil that you have to grow your plants in will help you to decide the kind of plants you can include in the garden and the other organic matter that you can use to enrich the soil.

Make It Diverse

Flower sure add beauty to your garden with colours. But make sure to choose flowering plants with some diversity. Don’t plant to plant the seeds of plants that bear the same coloured flowers together. Also be diverse with the kind of crops you choose. While flowers are a good addition you can also try growing some of your favourite fruits and vegetables in your garden. You can also try using the foliage, fruits and bark of plants to add more colour and texture to the garden. Choose pants with multiple colourful parts to add visual appeal to the garden.

Get Equipment to Maintain

No garden will be good for too long if you do not maintain it properly. Some of the basic garden tools that a beginner will need include a garden trowel, a garden knife, a heavy duty hoe, garden hark and a spade. Make sure you do the watering, weeding, pruning and cleaning at the right time. You can also seek for professional help by simply looking for experts in your area by typing in garden maintaining or planning in Wollongong.

You can start you garden simple and it does not have to big at the start. You can simply add more crops and more garden decorations as you get more comfortable in maintaining your garden get used to all the gardening work


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