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Splashback Ideas to Refresh Your Kitchen

Installing or updating your kitchen splashback is one amazing way to refresh and update the look of your kitchen without totally renovating it. Aside from being budget-friendly, installing a kitchen splashback is also a quick and easy project that can be done in just a day.

There are plenty of styles and textures to choose from such as wood, stone, quartz, and many more depending on the look you want to achieve in your kitchen. Here are some amazing splashback ideas for a fresh and modern kitchen in no time.

Stone and Quartz

For a totally upscale looking kitchen at an affordable cost, quartz splashbacks are your best choice. Most classy kitchens often have marble splashbacks which is a bit expensive. If you’re on a budget yet want to achieve this look, quartz is one great material that can also achieve this effect. It is easy to maintain and is stain resistant, making it looking fresh and new even for a long time. USM splashbacks are Melbourne’s best when it comes to stone, quartz and other types of splashbacks. There are also plenty of styles and textures to choose from that could match any kitchen theme.

Wood Panels

If you’re aiming for a more natural looking kitchen, a wood panel splashback is what suits it best. White wooden panels look perfectly great when paired with dark colours for a classic feel with ice contrast between hues. You may also use natural wood colour and blend it with lighter tones such as white or beige for a clean and simple vibe throughout your kitchen. Vertical wood panels give an illusion of height while horizontal panels make your kitchen look wider.

Black Glass

For totally sophisticated and sleek kitchen, black glass splashback is what you’ll need. It makes any kitchen look professional and modern. Make sure to pair black glass with softer or lighter colours to avoid overpowering the room, making it look darker and smaller. It is a perfect material if you want to add depth or accent to an area.


If you want to be more creative in your kitchen backsplash, consider kitchen tiles. You can chose from an endless variety of colours, styles, shapes and textures depending on what vibe you want to achieve. Try glossy tiles in single colour for a bold yet beautiful feature wall. If you’re using neutral colours such as black, grey or brown, you may also add pops of colour to make it look fresh and lively. Creatively cut tiles works great for geometric inspired kitchen theme, spicing up the usual kitchen scene.


A totally budget-friendly alternative, laminate splashbacks is slowly gaining popularity among homeowners. It is easy to clean plus also resistant to stains and marks making it a perfect choice for busy people. Clear laminate works great if you have statement wallpaper or walls on your kitchen since it protects without covering the designs. You may also pick patterned or coloured laminate for plain kitchen walls.

Kitchen splashbacks are truly an easy way to beautify your kitchen. Whether you choose to be simple or daring, everything is possible when you let your creativity flow.

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