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5 Tips for Maintaining Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is a very popular construction material and after all, why shouldn’t it be? It’s a very durable material that can withstand high compressive forces and is able to resist the elements. The latter property makes it an ideal building material in places where the weather and temperature is unpredictable and can reach extremes. In addition, concrete is extremely fire-resistance and is quite eco-friendly.

However, make no mistake. For all its strengths, concrete isn’t indestructible. If you don’t give a concrete surface the proper attention, it’s going to get dirty and even weaken over time. The best way to prevent this from happening is to stick to the following concrete maintenance tips:

Clean It Often

Most likely it’s your garage, patio or driveway that’s made of concrete. While most people regularly clean the floors inside their home, they do tend to neglect the exteriors quite a bit. Hence, over time your garage or patio can start to look dirty or worn out. In order to prevent this from happening, we recommend cleaning all concrete surfaces at least every other time you set out to clean your floors.

In most cases some mild scrubbing with a stiff brush and detergent is more than enough. In some extreme scenarios (for instance if your concrete floors are deeply stained), then you may have to hire the best industrial concrete cleaning Sydney-based service to take care of it.

Consider Sealing Your Concrete Surface

Sealing is a great way to limit the number of maintenance needed for concrete floors. Concrete sealers prevent contaminants like dirt, grime or stains from adhering too strongly to the surface. As a result, they can always be removed with some light cleaning.

Remove Spills As Soon As Possible

While sealer will prevent stains from clinging too strongly, it’s still a good practice to get rid of spills the instant they occur. It’s especially important to clean up oil-based spills as soon as possible as they tend to discolour concrete surfaces if left on for too long.

Park Your Heavy Vehicle Out On the Street

While concrete is a pretty durable material, the kind that’s used for homes may not fare well against constant heavy traffic. If you’ve got a concrete driveway it’ll be able to handle the average sedan or even a minivan. However if you’ve got a particularly heavy SUV or a pickup truck, then you might be better of parking it on the street. This way, you’ll be able to increase the lifespan of your concrete driveway.

Use the Correct Type of Chemicals

It’s essential that you don’t use certain chemicals on concrete surfaces. For instance, deicers can eat through your sealer fairly quickly and cause damage to the concrete underneath. Likewise fertilizers can easily stain concrete surfaces, so make sure not to spill any on them.

Before using any kind of cleaning solution, it’s always best to make sure that they don’t have the potential to harm concrete. Hence, always read the instructions beforehand.

And there you have it – five maintenance tips to keep your concrete surfaces in top shape!

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