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Design Tips for Your Next Bathroom Remodel Project

Unlike other areas of a home such as the living room, kitchen or bedroom, the bathroom is one of the not-so-visited spots in a house. However, it doesn’t mean that this area should just stay plain and dull-looking. Decorating and remodelling a bathroom is a bit tricky compared to the rest of the house because of the huge difference in elements involved. If you’re having trouble planning your next bathroom remodel, here are some tips to make things a bit easier.

Know the Cost

Just like any remodelling project, having an idea on how much that project will cost is the first step in planning. The style you want to achieve, materials, size of the bathroom and labour affects the overall cost of your bathroom remodel project. Set a budget range and plan the project around it to be sure that you won’t be overspending.

Keep the Toilet Out of Sight

In designing a bathroom, make sure that the toilet isn’t the first thing to be seen upon opening the bathroom door. In case the door is left open, it won’t be that pleasing to see the toilet as you or visitors pass by. One of the popular approaches is to set the bathtub facing the door. It gives a spa-like vibe on our bathroom and looks more pleasing than having the toilet up front. You can make any other element the focal point on your bathroom except for the toilet.

Convert Into Shower

A bathtub takes up much space in your bathroom. If you don’t really use the bathtub that much, it is best to convert that space into a shower instead. It is more efficient when it comes to space plus you don’t need to worry about the water supply and plumbing. You can simply use the old one meant for the bathtub. These new Allure shower heads would definitely add a classy and modern look to your newly remodelled bathroom.

Consider Space-Saving Layouts

Having a little bathroom space is not a problem. You can still make it look beautiful by using space-efficient layouts in your design. For example, a corner sink is perfect to free up some space in your bathroom, especially for tiny spaces with traffic flow issues. You can still enjoy a bathtub on your tiny bathroom. There are newer bathtub designs that are smaller than the usual size, making it a perfect match on little bathroom spaces.

Pick a Few High-End Materials

If you want to achieve that luxurious look in your bathroom, investing in a few higher-end items is the secret. Choose whether you want to invest on classy finishes, countertops, bathtub, vanity, and other features you can add in your bathroom. Having one or two high-end items can definitely make your little bathroom elegant and updated.

Remodelling a bathroom doesn’t need to be that stressful. Whether it’s you’re first remodelling project or not, these simple tips can definitely make a difference in planning the next look of your bathroom.

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