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6 Small Ways to Make Your Apartment Energy Friendly

Being energy efficient should be a priority no matter how big your living space is. Not only are you giving back to the environment when you do so but you’re cutting yourself some serious slack in terms of utility bills. Trust us, your wallet will definitely be thanking you later if you follow through with some of these energy-saving tips around the house.

The Windows

The windows can allow you to maximize your use of more natural sources of light provided you play your cards right. This means no unnecessarily switching on lights during the day when you could easily deal with the sunlight streaming in. Head on over to if you want to invest in more environmentally friendly insulating options!

The Freezer

You probably know by now that each time you open your freezer, it has to work overtime to maintain the interior’s temperature as you’ve allowed a lot of warm air to enter. You can help reduce the hassle by keeping your fridge packed tight so it helps in keeping the space colder. For example, pack in things like bags of ice at the back.

 Washing Clothes

Firstly, if you’re someone who uses their own washer to get their laundry done instead of taking it to the Laundromat, you’re already cutting down on plenty of your expenses. Secondly, when washing your clothes, make sure you use cold water so the washer doesn’t have to spend unnecessary energy on heating water. When it comes to drying them, try to go for the air-dry option as much as possible. If you must use a dryer, make sure you rid it of any dryer lint if you want the machine to work effectively.


Single use products are a thing of the past and they’re probably one of the environment’s biggest enemies. Be it your grocery bag or water bottle, look for reusable items that can be washed and re-used time and time again.


Needless to say one of the most prominent changes you could be making is in your appliance and equipment decisions. The industry is making more and more greener choices for people to invest in and this applies to lighting fixtures as well. For example, by investing in CFL light bulbs instead of traditional choices, you’ll be cutting down your electricity usage by a whopping 75%!


When you switch an appliance off, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they still aren’t leaching power. For example, even if you switch the TV off using your remote, it’s actually just on standby to be able to respond to the remote’s next command. Then there are other devices such as desktop computers and landlines that use electricity regardless. Your safest option would be to switch off the power directly from your power strip once you’re done with your work.

Making your apartment more energy friendly and environmentally conscious only takes a few lifestyle changes. Use these tips to give yourself a head start and always remember to adopt a reduced wastage mantra.

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