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Tips For Protecting Your Home Against The Upcoming Rainstorm Season

If your home is built in a country or town that receives annual rainstorms, being prepared for it ahead of time will be a smart move. Apart from being ready with emergency food supplies and keeping your first aid kit well stocked, here are a few things you can do to keep your home protected from the rainstorm season and ensure your family’s safety…

Make Sure Your Roof Is Well Attached And Leak Proof

One of the most common issues during the rainstorm season is leaking roofs. This is not only an annoyance to constantly cleanup, it’s also a potential threat to your health; paving the path to slipping accidents and flu. While a minor leak is easy enough to handle, a major leak will leave your home flooding internally; forcing you to be constantly vigilant whenever it rains. To avoid this, do your best to ensure your roof is completely leak-proof well ahead of the rainy season. It’s always best getting this done professionally, as roof accidents are very common.

Check If Your Doors And Windows Are Shut Firmly, And If The Sealing Is Effective

Apart from the roof, if there’s another major area of your home that inevitably lets it the stormy weather, it’s the doors and windows. Do not take windows that don’t shut all the way and doors that rattle in the wind lightly; as this is what lets in the rain as well. check on the seal of your doors and windows, and get it fixed if you feel it’s not doing the job.

Trim Away Any Potential Threats By The Trees In Your Garden And Property

The well loved trees in your garden and property can easily transform into potential threats during the stormy weather. Rotten branches can fall onto the roof in high winds, damaging it and allowing the storm in. Worse, it could also fall into your telephone/electricity lines, leaving you vulnerable during a very difficult time. To avoid this situation, remove or replant all trees well away from the house and wires. Trim the dead/threatening branches without delay. Contact tree loppers in Brisbane for professional help with this task.

Clear Out The Gutter So There’s No Blockage

If your garden has trees that shed a lot of leaves, and those leaves collect on your drains and roof gutter, then this will make life harder for you when the rains start. Blocked gutters results in water flowing into your home, instead of safely away from your home. Blocked drains prevent the water collecting in your outdoor spaces from flowing away from your home; leaving your home surrounded by water. This might also result in the water flooding into your home. Always ensure the water has a clear way to flow out and away.  

Offer Protection For Your Garden Furniture, And Ensure Your Shed Is Safe

Garden furniture generally tends to get ruined during heavy rains; so it’s always best moving them indoors before the rainstorm season. If this is not an option, at least cover them up with thick plastic sheets. If you’re expecting heavy winds, it’s also best to nail your furniture on to the ground to avoid damages. In quite the same way, ensure your garden shed is well protected. Check the seal of its door, and ensure it has no leaks or entry points for the rain. You could always provide your garden equipment an additional layer of protection by covering them up with plastic sheets, even inside the shed.    

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