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5 Problems You Might Run into when Decorating Your Rooms

We all have that one room in the house that we just don’t like. It may look unpleasant to the eye, may be outdated or too dark but the fact of the matter remains that it just doesn’t sit right with you. Luckily for you, interior designing is all about creating useful, appealing spaces out of a blank canvas. When you run into the following problems, rest assured that there is a simple fix!

Size Issues

One of the most common problems homeowners face is small rooms. Having a room that is too small often makes it feel uninviting, cluttered and dark. The trick to managing it is to get some more light into the picture. Dabble with bright colours and make use of a mirror- this is said to give the illusion of more space. On the side of the spectrum, rooms that are too big can also tend to make the whole placement look a bit off kilter. Settle this by dividing your rooms using furniture, such as a bookrack for example.


Most homes tend to have regular, rectangle-shaped rooms. This makes it pretty easy to decorate your interior- you can place furniture up against the wall and not have to worry about weird angles. But every now and then, an unlucky homeowner will get landed with an irregular shaped room. To make decorating far easier, use rugs and runners to mark off set areas where you can place your furniture and work around the space.

Dark Rooms

Finding dark rooms is far too easy once you go deeper into the house and the windows tend to get smaller. There is an easy solution to this, however. Don’t underestimate the importance of good lighting. A surface mounted downlight is a good option for those looking for a modern choice. Also make it a point to dabble in bright colours- from your wall paint to your furniture. The more light colours you have running through your room, the bigger the illusion of space you give yourself. It’s also worth remembering that having your ceiling painted in a light colour and not just the surrounding walls significantly helps bring more of an airy feeling to the room.

Closed Off Rooms

You may have noticed that leading trends have shifted home designs to accept a more open concept. While kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms used to be separate rooms, they all lie connected to each other. Any closed off rooms simply feel like they’re stuffy and give off a much boxed feel so you’ll want to remove any non-load-bearing walls or doors to create an overall bigger space if possible.

Dated Rooms

Sometimes you walk into a room and you don’t really know what it is but something about it feels so old! A few simple changes like updating your flooring or refreshing your walls with a coat of paint helps relieve this feeling in spades.

No doubt you would have faced at least one of these problems when decorating your home so we hope you gained some insight in how to tackle them!

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