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Simple Tricks to Add Something New to Your Life

Life is meant to be lived; meant to be complicated and messy in all sorts of ways. However, most of us seem to be living simple, uncomplicated and thoroughly uniform lives…boring up entirely in the process. The good news; it’s never too late to add a little spice and add few new elements to your life. Here’s how…!

Change the “Place” of Your Surroundings

Whether you want something new permanently, or temporarily to get rid of the complete monotony of life, one great would be to “switch things up”. No, we don’t mean anything drastic by this; only to change the position of the things of your home and workplace. If you’re able to, this works best if you change entire rooms of your home so that it now holds things it never has. If this is a tad too drastic for you, consider at least switching up drawers and furniture around. It’ll keep you entertained (and a little confused) for months to come!

Replace Something You Use Often to a Better Model

As much as we love familiarity, sometimes, it’s this very same thing that makes life boring and uniform. While the above trick certainly will liven things up for you, it may sometimes be dimmed by the fact that even at a different place, you’re still using the same old things. Obviously, having a complete home makeover can be insanely expensive; but perfectly affordable if you do one (or a few) often used item of your home. Kitchen appliances, upholstery and bathrooms are our go to places for change; you’ll never know what you’re missing until you buy yourself better cookware or nicer, yet affordable bath vanities!

Consider Giving Your Wardrobe a Makeover

Home makeovers certainly are expensive; but a wardrobe makeover is totally do-able! To be fair, the last time you might have given your style of clothing a though, might have been in high school; when you were still discovering who you are. But the thing is, times have changed, and chances are that you may have changed with time as well. Select colors and styles that suit who you are today. Take your job, what makes you truly relax, the amount of time you have to get dressed every day, and even your preferred mode of transportation into consideration when selecting certain clothes.

Star Ta Conversation with Random Stranger on Your Commute to or from Work

This may sound a little strange, but do give it a thought. Most of us tend stick to our high school or college friends all throughout our lives; occasionally making friends at work perhaps. But beyond this, we certainly don’t try to make connections; even for a passing moment. If you commute to work using a public transport, consider taking a chance and chatting up with a fellow passenger. This will certainly add something new to your day. However, if this is a little forward in your culture, or you don’t want to disturb or weird out anyone, simply lifting your head away from the screen of your smartphone, and people watching too can give you something new.

Adopt a New Hobby that will Help You Spend Your Time Differently

Like our clothes, our hobbies too tend to be tried and tested out activities that we probably have been doing for at least the last decade. Nowadays, you might almost feel like you’re partaking in the hobby simply out of habit, rather than the liking to it. Change this, by trying out new activities to form newer hobbies. If you’re being particularly adventurous, look for the complete opposite genre of activities you normally associate yourself with. For example, if you love adventure sports, consider taking up painting or gardening. It’ll keep you baffled, and occupied…while adding a new element to your life with ease…

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