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Living Room Decor Ideas to Steal

You living room is where you enter the first when you come home after a long day at work. It is also what your guests will see when they enter the house. Therefore, not only does your living room has to be comfortable and calming to the eye, it also has to be beautifully organised to give a good impression about your house. Take a look at the following tips to see how you can achieve the look of a perfect living room.

Pick a Colour Palette

The colours of the living room help to set the mood. Since this is where you will be spending lot of your free time, entertain your guests and hang out with your family, this has to have a calming and a relaxing atmosphere. You can choose a monochromic colour palette if you don’t like to see too much of busy colours or bright colours.

If you want to add a bit more colour to the space, you can choose a few complementary colours. Go for lighter shades to add a spacey look to the space. But if you have too much blank space and want to make sure the space does not look too empty, you can opt for s lightly bold, darker shades.

Wall, Ceiling and the Floors

One of the traditional ways to finish the walls is to add a wallcovering or a wallpaper. Adding a patterned carpet or a rug that goes together with the colours of your walls and ceiling can complete the look in a more traditional looking house. But if you are going for a more contemporary and a modern look, then less is more. Keep your walls bare of busy wallpapers and only decorate them with small decoration items such as a painting or a statement clock. Opt for more minimalist design carpets or keep your hardwood floor bare.

Choose the Right Furniture

Whether you are about to house the decor to set up your new home from scratch or to trying to redesign your space, choosing the right furniture is an important part in interior planning. The furniture you choose need to match the interior architecture style you have opted for. So, the furniture you choose can differ from minimalist modern furniture to heavy ornate furniture to simple but cosy Scandinavian furniture. It is also necessary to match the colours of the furniture with the other colours you have chosen for your walls, floors and ceiling.

Lighting Matter

Another important thing to take care of when decorating the living room is the lighting. Since the living room has to be a place that is inviting and relaxing, but cannot be dark and stuffy. Instead there needs to be enough lighting. Choose curtains that are sheer or of a lighter colour to allow sunlight in during the day. When arranging your furniture make sure that the windows are not blocked. When adding lighting, make sure to place them strategically so that the room is well lit even during the night time.

If you do not plan the living room right, it can end up looking either clumsily put together, cluttered or even like a showroom. Therefore, make sure to have a good plan about the positioning of the living room items, the colours and the patterns in order to make it look perfect.

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